hotline for assaults shutting down

A follow-up on those lakeside assaults outside Toronto that seem to have been targeting Asians... There have been a number of reported assaults, with several victims—mostly Asians—ending up pushed or thrown in the water. You'll recall that there's a local term for this called "nippertipping." So yeah, it definitely has a racial connotation. Asians are indeed being targeted... is anyone going to something about it? A hotline set up by the Ontario Human rights Commission for victims of such assaults is shutting down after reportedly only logged about 30 calls, even though there are believed to be dozens more. It appears that victims might be afraid of coming forward: 'Tipping' victims fear reporting it, activist says.

The hotline, which closed after month of service, was the first phase of an inquiry launched by the Ontario Human Rights Commission early last month. There was also an online survey available at the commission's website. Next, the comission will release a preliminary report that will contain victim testimonials, possible recommendations and a timeline for the next stage of the inquiry. Yes, people. This is a real problem, and it needs real solutions. This cannot be allowed to continue happening. That's racist!

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