jamie chung cast in dragonball

It was reported last week that Jamie Chung, formerly of MTV's Real World San Diego, has been cast in the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of the insanely popular Japanese anime/manga series Dragonball: Chung goes live with 'Dragonball'. I mentioned her a few months back when she was cast as the lead for the ABC Family pilot Samurai Girl. Looks like she might be capable of playing roles outside the stuff currently on her resume, which includes "Flirting Girl" and "Hooters Girl." In Dragonball, she will play "Chi Chi," the love interest of Goku while he's growing up. Ah, I see. While everyone else in this movie based on a Japanese series will be played by white actors, the female love interest, of course, can and will be Asian. As previously reported, the movie will be directed by James Wong, and produced by Stephen Chow. I have nothing else to say about this news, except that I can only imagine that this will be a very silly movie.

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