jessica yu's protagonist opens in theaters

Academy Award winner Jessica Yu's latest documentary Protagonist opened in theaters in New York on Friday. The film is an exploration of people with obsessive needs for control and self-mastery, weaving together the stories of four men: a German terrorist, a bank robber, an "ex-gay" evangelist, and a martial arts student. Here's a review from the New York Times: Men Behaving Extremely, With True Believers’ Passion. And a story from the San Francisco Chronicle: Jessica Yu's 'Protagonist' examines extreme obsession. Here's also a pretty good interview with Jessica Yu: Jessica Yu's Protagonist.

As interesting as this film sounds, what I'm really looking forward to seeing is her unlikely first narrative feature, the sports comedy Ping Pong Playa, which made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival a few months back. Hopefully coming to a theater near you... soon.

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