"lyin chinks"

Some people like to go above and beyond the call of duty. Take, for instance, this guy who writes in tell me of the recent sentencing of a man who was arrested for trying to sell a night vision camera and its accompanying technology to China. "Weirstrass" could've have just said, hey, check out this link. It seems there are indeed people guilty of trying to sell technology to China. Instead, I get this delightful, awesomely racist email, entitled "lyin chinks":
From: weirstrass
To: angryminsoo@angryasianman.comangryminsoo@angryasianman.com
Subject: lyin chinks

> Once again, ain't no Chinese people selling secrets around here...

Oh, is that a fact chink?

Eloquent, I know. In case you're wondering, "lyin chink" refers to me. I had the audacity to once suggest that maybe not every Chinese person in the United States is somehow involved in espionage. This news of Philip Cheng, who pled guilty last year to brokering the illegal export of an infrared camera, apparently makes me a liar and a chink. Thank you, weirstrass, for setting me straight. Every now and then it's good to be reminded that the good racists out there are doing their jobs. Idiot.

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