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The Art of Charting the Changes in Chinatown: In preparation for a $15 million expansion into a new space designed by Maya Lin, the Museum of Chinese in America is starting an archaeological project around five Lower Manhattan sites to document the shifting patterns of immigration and assimilation in New York City.

Wing Luke Asian Museum prepares to move. Speaking of new museum spaces, after twenty years in the same location, this month the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle packed up its things to re-open next year in a new 59,000-square-foot space.

Asian Americans flex political muscle in wider Bay Area: Though San Francisco's population is one-third Asian, the majority Chinese Americans, there are few prominent politicans of Chinese descent. However, out in the larger Bay Area, the Chinese American community is making dramatic strides in the political landscape of the South Bay.

Jews, Asians are building bonds: Jewish and Asian American leaders, whose communities represent nearly 20% of Los Angeles County's population, are trying to forge friendships in hopes of combating such chronic issues as racism and stereotyping.

Helping South Asian women fight abuse: Sahara is a 3-year-old Miami-based group specifically focusing on combatting domestic violence against South Asian women in South Florida. Contrary to the popular minority myth, domestic abuse in South Asian households does exist, and needs to be addressed.

'I've always felt a little different, but I don't mind': Nice story on the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, started 30 years ago to create opportunities for Asian Americans in the theater arts and expose audiences to works reflecting the Asian American experience.

Sharing the Dough: Inside a Secret Queens Dumpling Factory: Ancient Chinese secret? Dumpling chef Sun Le reveals her "secret" dumpling factory—a basement kitchen—to the Village Voice. I like her apron.

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