nick looking for obama's teen supporters

Nick News on Nickelodeon is apparently looking for a few Asian American teen supporters of Senator Barack Obama to interview on an upcoming show. This email came my way the other day:
Hey Everyone,

Nick News on Nickelodeon is looking for teen supporters aged 12-16 of Sen. Obama to interview for an upcoming show on teens and the primary elections. They want to know why kids support a particular candidate, what issues are important to them and why, and why kids should care about the election even if they can't vote.

They want to have as diverse an interview pool as possible, so they're looking for some Asian American teen Obama supporters for the show.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact me at asianamericansforobama@gmail.com for the reporter's contact information. Thanks!

Ramey Ko
Asian Americans for Obama
Maybe that's you, or you know someone who's interested. I can tell you when I was a teenager, I was kind of an idiot, and presidential politics were the last thing on my mind. But I bet there are a few keen kids out there perfect for the opportunity. Don't be like I was, all you Asian American teens out there. Apathy sucks.

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