protestors block deportation in vancouver

This is a pretty wild story out of Vancouver... The deportation of Laibar Singh, a paralyzed refugee claimant, was delayed for "safety and security reasons" on Monday after thousands of people protested outside of the Vancouver International Airport: Airport protest stops deportation of paralyzed Sikh seeking refugee status. The South Asian-Canadian community mobilized like crazy this week, with over 2,000 people showing up at the airport, promising to abandon the Conservaties and boycott any airline that participates in the deportation of Laibar Singh. The protesters surrounded Singh's taxi when it arrived, blocking off the road at the departure area and disrupting traffic. Singh originally entered Canada from India traveling on phony documents, and later suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed. This week's stay of deportation is only supposed to be temporary, but man, Singh's supporters have definitely shown that they know how to fight.

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