research survey on south asian women

Got another one of these PhD student surveys for you... Neely Mahapatra, a doctoral student in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin, is collecting datat for her dissertation research, and is looking for women aged 18 years or older of South Asian origin (from India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Burma) to take on online survey about women's life experiences including relationships with men. The survey will ask about your age, marital status, education, where you were born, employment, family and friends, your life in the United States and South Asian culture, any experiences of domestic violence, and help sought if domestic violence occurred, and other social factors. It's completely anonymous, and should take about 15-25 minutes to complete. If you're interested in helping Neely out, and fit the criteria (or know someone who does), take the survey here. Upon completion of the survey, you can enter a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate from Amazon. For more information about Neely's research, contact her at nmahapatra@mail.utexas.edu.

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