run dmz

Awesome. The above clip is from Benson Lee's documentary Planet B-Boy. The film journeys with the phenomena of breakdancing from its humble urban roots to its popularity now on an international scale, following the stories of b-boys from Osaka, Paris, Seoul and Las Vegas out to compete for the title of World Champion at the "Battle of the Year." It looks pretty kickass. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and will hit theaters nationwide next spring from Elephant Eye Films. Check out this badass preview here, and the teaser trailer here. To learn more about the Planet B-Boy, visit the official site here.

I have actually been to the 38th Parallel at the DMZ, but I certainly don't remember seeing anything like this happening there. I wish I had. Perhaps that's the key to peace and harmony on the Korean peninsula. Breakdancing. For the reunification!

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