sikh man attacked in new york

Got this news forwarded along to me in a press release from United Sikhs... Last month in Richmond Hill, New York City, 59-year-old Gurjit Singh, a Sikh man, was viciously attacked and robbed by three youths, just a few doors away from his home. He was walking towards his house when the three suspects grabbed him from behind, knocked off his turban and threw it to the ground. Two of the attackers repeatedly stamped on Singh's face and body as the othe searched through his pockets for valuables. Singh suffered a number injuries, including swelling and cuts to the face and tongue and extensive brusing to his hands. The youths then ran off with Singh's lunch bag and made off in a black getaway car tha was waiting for them further along the street. Read more about the attack here: Sikh Man Attacked Only Yards From His Doorstep.

United Sikhs is appealing to anyone who might have any information on this incident to please come forward and assist the police in finding Singh's attackers. The organization is also conducting a survey to determine if there is an increase in street crimes in the Richmond Hill community. If you know of any street incidents or crimes in the area, please report them to United Sikhs at 1-888-243-1690 or contact@unitedsikhs.org. Please immediately report such incidents and crimes to the police, as they can only act if they're made aware that something has happened. Don't stay silent!

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