speed racer trailer

Whoa. The trailer for Speed Racer hit the web today, and it looks pretty insane. It's the Wachowski brothers' big screen, live-action adaptation of the classic anime series. View it here. The movie hits theaters next summer. As it has been widely reported, Korean pop superstar Rain is in the movie (billed on the official site as "Ji Hoon Jung") as Taejo Togokhan. He makes a couple of prominent appearances in the trailer...

Here he is taking a swing at Speed, with Racer X blocking the punch.

And here's Rain fighting off a bunch of crazy ninja-like dudes.

Oh, and here's another badass-looking Asian dude with some very anime-like white hair. UPDATE: Okay, a gazillion people wrote in to inform me that this guy with the white hair Park Jun Hyung, formerly of the Korean pop group G.O.D. (Groove Over Dose). He and Rain were both apparently once under the same record company, JYP Entertainment.

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