swat raids the wrong house

In Minneapolis, one Hmong family got a hell of a rude awakening over the weekend... With her six kids and husband tucked into bed, Yee Moua was watching TV in her living room when a group of gunmen busted through her windows. She ran upstairs, where her husband, Vang Khang, grabbed his shotgun from a closet and started shooting at the intruders. They fired back with twenty-two bullets. Then things suddenly became clear: these intruders were the cops.

The gunmen, as it turned out, were members of a police SWAT team that had raided the wrong house because of bad information from an informant. Oops: Minneapolis SWAT Team Raids Wrong House. Yo. Next time, check, check, then re-check that info before you kill a kid or something. Police apologized to the family and placed the seven officers on leave while it investigates what went wrong. Um, sorry for busting down your door, shooting up your house, and scaring the crap out of your family. Carry on.

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