whoa... the machine girl trailer

Okay, I'll admit it. Every now and then I am intrigued by weird-ass Japanese movies. About a dozen people have sent me the trailer for the upcoming Japanese cult horror/action film The Machine Girl, seen over at Twitch (and subsequently on Digg), and... wow. You weirdos. It's pretty much the most insane movie trailer I've ever seen. Not your average revenge flick. Japanese school girl gets her family killed and arm cut off by bad, bad people. Her only course of action is to seek revenge, arm now replaced by a high powered machine gun. Be warned: the trailer is not for the faint of heart, as it features copious violence, blood, guts, gore, ninjas, yakuza, tempura, chainsaws and dismembered body parts. Watch the trailer here. I don't know when this movie is coming out, or if it'll even hit U.S. screens. But dammit, Grindhouse ain't got nothin' on this movie.

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