brazilian model gets surgery for "asian slant"

This truly disgusts me. A Brazilian model plans to have nylon wires implanted in her eyes to give them an "Asian slant." No joke: Brazil carnival star eyes surgery record.

In preparation for next month's Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Angela Mismarchi is having her 42nd plastic surgery—just five shy of the Guiness World Record—in order to have an Asian look, in line with this year's carnival theme of her samba group, Porto da Pedra: the centennial of a Japanese immigration to Brazil.

Ah, I see. This mutilation of your face is some kind of twisted homage to Japanese Brazilians? Ridiculous. Asians getting eyelid surgery to look "more white" is bad enough... but messing with your face to get the surgical "slant" as a costume device is downright disgusting. It's not flattering—it's just bizarre, you weird crazy lady. This woman's got some serious problems.

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