cribmates in china, best friends in brooklyn

This is an interesting New York Times story on Annabelle Laserson, Hazel Parker-Myers and Leah Potoff, aka "Dong Dong," "Ping Ping" and "Qiang Qiang," three girls adopted from China to three families in New York—cribmates in the orphanage, and now best friends in Brooklyn: Fortune's Sisters.

It's a story about the unique bond that developed from their adoptions, both for the girls and their mothers. It's a relationship that sort of reflects the larger, ever-growing culture and population of adopted Chinese girls in New York.

The article notes that there is no exact count of the number of Chinese adoptees in the city, there have been nearly 70,000 children adopted to the U.S. from China since 1992. Heck, even Charlotte from Sex and the City has an adopted daughter from China.

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