enter the chamber... of commerce

This week in Los Angeles, Asian American business owners representing tens of thousands of mostly immigrant entrepreneurs in Southern California launched a collective chamber of commerce, with aims to increase their collective political clout and economic opportunities: Asian Americans form chamber of commerce.

The new Asian American Chamber Assn. kicked things off with a signing ceremony in Koreatown, with representatives from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai chambers of commerce in Southern California.

That's what I like to see—inter-ethnic community cooperation. I like what Korean American Chamber of Commerce president Chang Y. Lee had to say: ""As immigrants, we're afraid at times to speak out... But if we speak out, it will benefit our local businesses and residents. The chamber will be an organization that people will lend their ears to."

It's like all the Asian chambers of commerce coming together to form a Super Chamber. Kind of like Voltron. Asian Business Owner Voltron.

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