grek pak, amadeus cho, and incredible hercules

This is for fellow comic book geeks out there... Filmmaker-turned-comics scribe Greg Pak wrote in to tell me what he's been up to lately.

The big news is that Amadeus Cho, the Korean American teen genius character Greg created for Marvel, has hit the big time as the co-star of the new Incredible Hercules comic book.

The title follows "the world's most irresponsible god and most incorrigible teen genius as they wreak havoc in the wake of 'World War Hulk.'" The story began with Incredible Hulk #112 last month and continues when the book is retitled Incredible Hercules with issue #113 on January 16. Greg is co-writing the series with Fred Van Lente, and it's been getting some really great reviews from the comics community.

In other news, Wizard Magazine named Incredible Hulk the Best Ongoing Series of 2007 and called Greg the Breakout Talent of 2007. Very cool stuff. Who knew the Robot Stories guy could also write some kickass comics?

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