hollywood couple sentenced in maid "slave" case

On Monday, James Jackson, a former top Hollywood studio lawyer, and his wife Elizabeth were sentenced by a Los Angeles judge after admitting to mistreating their Filipino maid in a case of "modern-day slavery": Hollywood couple sentenced in maid 'slave' case.

The victim, former schoolteacher Nena Ruiz, was forced to eat three-day old food and to sleep on a dog basket after working 18 hours a day. And over the course of several months' employment between 2001 and 2002 she was paid only 300 dollars. Ruiz also said that Elizabeth Jackson regularly slapped her and pulled her hair. In passing sentence, U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer said that Jackson had treated Ruiz "worse than her dog." Disgusting.

It really sounds like the couple believed they had themselves a slave. And unfortunately, it's the kind of domestic slavery case we've been hearing about more and more lately. How does one find it in themselves to treat another human being like this?

James Jackson was orderd to perform 200 hours of community service for admitting a charge of alien harboring. Elizabeth Jackson was given a three-year jail term after pleading guilty to a charge of forced labor. I hope she enjoys every minute she spends behind bars.

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