the long, tumultuous journey of anna mae he

Once again, we revisit the tumultuous journey of Anna Mae He. After a seven-year custody battle, 8-year-old Anna Mae rejoined her parents Shaoqiang and Qin Luo He in July, under orders from the Tennessee Supreme Court. She had lived with an American couple, the Bakers, who took her in as an infant to help her financially struggling parents, and then refused to give her back.

Now, with the custody fight resolved, the He family faces deportation, and Anna Mae faces another huge life adjustment: moving to China: Custody Resolved, a Move Looms.

According to the story, Anna Mae has been adjusting fairly well to her new life—considering she had to leave the only family she's ever known. She's been warming to her parents and getting along well with her brother and sister.

But a move to China... man, I can only imagine the adjustments she'll have to make. She's had to deal with some crazy things in her young life. I wish her the best.

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