police arrest queens man for "arsenal"

Holy moly, look at all the weapons! Last week, police in New York seized a cache of weapons and ammuntion from the Queens apartment of 36-year-old of Suwei Chuang after a girlfriend reported him to authorities: Cops seize Army vet's weapons arsenal.

Chuang, who is an Army veteran, was arrested in Manhattan after officers investigating the tip found an assault rifle (fully loaded and fitted with a scope) in his car. In his apartment, cops found a submachine gun, a 12-gauge shotgun, a 9-mm. Glock pistol, a .50-caliber rifle and a .22-caliber rifle, along with 28,000 rounds of ammunition. Good Lord. He now apparently faces a crapload of weapons charges.

I don't know what kind of war this guy was getting himself ready for, but I think I'll sleep a little easier now that Suwei and his submachine gun are off the streets. I do have to wonder though... are police and media super-jumpy these days when it comes to Asian men and weapons? While I'm generally no fan of dudes chillin' with rifles, some might argue six guns is hardly an "arsenal."

They also seem to make a very big deal about Chuang's mental state, calling him "unstable" at several points in the article. A potential Seung Hui Cho in the making? Post-Virginia Tech, people might be looking at the story of Suwei Chuang's arrest in a really different way. I'm just saying.

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