r.i.p. azn (for real this time)

It seems to be the end of the line for AZN Television, going out with a whimper. After several years of limping along as a network programmed for Asian Americans, Comcast is shutting the channel down. The network will cease broadcasting on April 9: Comcast Pulling Plug on AZN Television

When it was launched a few years back, AZN was touted as a cable destination with the promise of original and imported program for Asian Americans. I remember going to a big fancy kickoff luncheon where they were saying it was the next big thing. It didn't take too long for the wheels to fall off though, with news of a major restructuring that laid off most of the network's staff, gutted original programming, and pretty much reduced the channel to recycled anime and dramas from Asia. Booooring.

It's been hanging in there for a while, even managing to put together a televised awards show—the sort-of-lame-but-what-else-have-we-got Asian Excellence Awards. But with all the trouble securing advertising, I guess it was time to pull the plug. I think most folks probably forgot that the network was around anyway. So be it. It was fun while it lasted, AZN.

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