tiger attacks brothers

You probably heard about that crazy tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas day. However, as much as I find crazy tiger attack stories interesting, I didn't really follow along or pay much attention to it. Only recently did it come to my attention that the guys who survived the attack are two Indian American brothers, Paul and Kulbir Dhaliwal. (Thanks, JC.)

An escaped 350-pound Siberian tiger sent them to the hospital with severe bit and claw wounds. Their friend, Carlos Sousa Jr., was killed in the attack. The brothers attend his funeral yesterday: Survivors attend funeral for friend killed in S.F. Zoo tiger attack.

Authorities and zoo official are still unsure why the tiger jumped out of its enclosure and attacked, though some witnesses claim they might've seen the young men actually taunting the tiger. The Dhaliwals have since hired high-profile celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos to represent them. SFGate.com has extensive coverage of the tiger attack saga as it unfolds: San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack

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