calling all ninjas

I know I've been posting a lot of casting calls lately, but I've got to post this latest one because it's just... funny. There's apparently a TV pilot currently in the works called The Deadliest Warrior, where they essentally take two warriors from different cultures/eras and pit them against each other and see who would win. For instance, the pilot episode is going to be Ninja vs. Spartan. I'm not kidding. But they're apparently having some trouble finding their ninja. I got this email:
Right now, I'm working on a TV pilot for called "The Deadliest Warrior". It's basically a show where they're going to take two warriors and pit them against each other and see who would win. They're going to test the strength of armor and weapons, put all that info into a computer and have the computer be the judge. Then there's going to be a final showdown between the two warriors. The pilot episode is going to be a Ninja vs. a Spartan. We found our Spartan but we're having trouble finding a Ninja. We're looking for someone Asian, over 18, has great martial arts skills (preferably Ninjitsu) and has great camera presence. If you know anyone or if you're able to post this on your site please have people contact me at ninjavspartan@gmail.com.
Does anyone else find this really funny... but also kind of awesome? Come on—tell me you're not curious about who would win in a fight between a Ninja and a Spartan. How about an army of 300 Spartans versus 300 ninjas? Holy moly, someone should make a movie about that.

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