debate over street name rages on

In San Jose, CA, the controversy over Story Road rages on: In San Jose, Disputes and Anger After Vote on Street Name. The area is home to one of the largest Vietnamese American enclaves in the country, with hundreds of businesses owned and catering to the city's 100,000 Vietnamese residents. However, there has recently been a fierce debate over renaming a one-mile stretch of Story Road to reflect its significance as a Vietnamese center. In November, the San Jose City Council voted 8 to 3 to rename the area the Saigon Business District. The decision ran counter to the name many local Vietnamese Americans stronly favored: Little Saigon. The dispute has touched off months of protests, petition drives, angry meetings and even threats to recall city councilwoman Madison Nguyen. Personally, while I know I'm not quite as invested in this situation, I think anything sounds better than "Saigon Business District."

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