everybody loves a sex scandal

So, I got a truckload of emails from people asking me why there was no mention of the Edison Chen scandal around here... Honestly? I don't know. I guess I didn't really give a crap about it. But hey, everybody loves a good sex scandal, so here goes. Basically, over 1,300 private photos of Hong Kong singer/actor Edison Chen in bed with at least half a dozen female celebrities were recently made public, apparently copied from Chen's laptop by the staff of a computer repair shop. The photos set off a media firestorm, shaming a number of female starlets and forcing Chen to step down from his career "indefinitely."

Damn, bro. 1,300 photos? Turns out Edison was a bit of an amateur pornographer on the side.

I guess what's surprised me is how crazy people have gone for this story. The publicity the scandal has generated has been unavoidable, with the story making it even into U.S. mainstream press outlets like the New York Times: Hong Kong's Edison Chen Quits After Sex Scandal. This has sort of baffled me. I mean, really, how many people in the United States really know and give a damn who Edison Chen is? I guess we just don't have enough celebrity sex scandals here in the States. We have to outsource them every now and then.

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