fox diversity casting workshop at sfiaaff

This is for APA actors in the Bay Area, an opportunity to get yourself out there, and get noticed by casting professionals... Fox Diversity will be in town next month during the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival to hold auditions at a special casting workshop. The taped auditions will be sent on to a Casting Executive at Fox. Could this be your chance at a big break? Who knows. But you won't know if you don't try... Here are the details:
Fox Diversity Casting Workshop at the 26th SF Int'l Asian American Film Festival

Calling all APA actors! FOX Diversity (www.fox.com/diversity/) will be in town during the 26th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in March. Now's your chance to be discovered and show them what your made of!

All you need to do is submit your head shot and resume/credit list to CAAM by Friday, February 29th. Selected participants will be invited to perform audition monologues at a casting workshop with Janice Tanaka, Manager of Diversity Development at FOX. The casting workshop will take place opening weekend of the 2008 SFIAAFF. The taped auditions will be sent on to a Casting Executive at FOX.

Even if you aren't selected to audition you can still be part of the fun. We'll be inviting an audience composed of actors and filmmakers to offer feedback for an interactive audition process. Everyone at the audition will see what it takes to make a great audition tape.

Submission deadline: Friday 2/29/08
Email to: mediafund@asianamericanmedia.org

For details on the casting and audition process, visit the 2008 SFIAAFF website: http://festival.asianamericanmedia.org/2008/

Hosted by: Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Sounds like an interesting opportunity, though certainly not a guarantee of anything actually happening for your potential acting career. And I'm always a little wary of big studio Diveristy Development initiatives. But at the very least it'll be a chance for you to get in a room with some people with a moderate degree of influence. Anyway, for more information, go FOX Diversity Casting Workshop.

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