hey asian america, what's goin' on?

NAASCon, the National Asian American Student Conference, is seeking submissions for its newly launched campaign, "Hey Asian America, What's Goin' On?" in order to gain more insight into Asian Americans' experiences across the nation. Through your stories, they're hoping to connect students throughout various regions and discover the state of Asian America today. Here are the details:
What's Goin' On?

WHO: YOU! Asian-American students from around the country, high school, college, whatever!

WHAT: Telling our stories and experiences with and within the Asian-American student communities we come from, that we belong to, that we feel excluded from. This is not limited to activist stories! Tell us about the musical you sang in, the chemistry class you took, that girlfriend you fought with, that parade you were in, as long as it is through the lens of an Asian-American experience.

WHERE: Submit stories, 500-700 words, to naascon.news@gmail.com to be posted on our website at NAASCON.ORG

WHEN: Stories can be submitted between February 2 and March 1, 2008.

If you are from the East Coast, please join us for a discussion at the East Coast Asian American Student Union conference February 15-16, 2008 on the next steps to be taken after this campaign.

WHY: As Asian-American students spread across thousands of miles, we are isolated from each other’s experiences. Our hope as NAASCon is to use this collection of experiences to build solidarity and relationships across distance.
Students, speak out. What's your story? They want to know, in 500-700 words. The deadline is March 1. For more information, visit NAASCon.org.

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