international murder suspect caught

Remember Nai Yin Xue? He's the New Zealand man suspected of killing his wife, stuffing her body into the trunk of a car, then allegedly abandoning his 3-year-old daughter at a train station in Australia. He made his way out to Los Angeles, where he was apparently hiding out somewhere in Chinatown. That was last September. I almost forgot about the case, but authorities have apparently arrested Xue in suburban Atlanta: Pumpkin's fugitive father caught in U.S.

So how did they catch him, after all this time with him laying low, crossing state lines? A group of residents at an apartment complex apparently recognized Xue, who has been featured on America's Most Wanted twice, and detained him—reportedly hog-tying him until police arrived. Officers responding to a "wanted person" call found a crowd of people at the complex, none of whom spoke English, holding a Chinese-language newspaper and pointing to a photograph of Xue. That's citizen justice, baby.

Speaking of international murder suspects... here's more on Kazuyoshi Miura, the Japanese businessman who was taken into custody last week for the 1981 murder of his wife in Los Angeles: Japanese murder suspect Kazuyoshi Miura's blog led to his arrest abroad. It was apparently his own blog that helped Los Angeles police detectives catch him, when he wrote about his international travel plans. Authorites grabbed him in Saipan. Caught, sucka. Blame the blog.

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