korean national treasure destroyed

This is absolutely crazy. In South Korea, a fire destroyed one the country's greatest national treasures, the 600-year-old Namdaemun gate in Seoul: South Korean Gate Destroyed in Fire. The oldest wooden structure in the city, it was completed in 1398 and served as the main southern entrance to Seoul, which was then a walled city. The gate survived both the Japanese occupation and the Korean War, only to be singlehandedly destroyed by a disgruntled arsonist.

A 69-year-old man suspected of setting the fire was arrested Monday night, apparently over some kind of land dispute. The man had also been charged in 2006 with setting fire to the Changgeyeong Palace in Seoul, which caused $4230 in damage. Sounds like this guy really needed a better way of dealing with his issues, rather than setting national treasures on fire. An entire nation is now mourning the loss of the Gate. And as we all know, Koreans take this kind of stuff seriously.

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