more on asian american voters

Two more articles on Asian Americans and which candidate we are supposedly voting for/voting against/support/fear... This one, by Scott Kurashige, is in response to that wack CNN report on Asian American voters: Anderson Cooper Explains Little About Asian Americans. He argues for ending the marginalization of Asian American voices and stopping the monolithic portrayal of Asian American political attitudes.

This other story, from TIME, attempts to examine an increasingly persistent question in this election: why have Asian Americans so far consistently and overwhelmingly voted for Clinton over Obama? Unfortunately, the article has an absolutely terrible title: Does Obama Have an Asian Problem? The fact of the matter is, while all the theories being offered have some kernels of truth, there is no one simple explanation for the way Asian Americans have been voting, despite what mainstream media outlets have been so laboriously trying to convey.

All that said, I'm extremely curious to see what happens during today's Democratic caucuses in Obama's home state of Hawaii—where nearly 60% of the state's population is Asian American.

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