the rally at cu-boulder

Here's some media coverage of the protest rally held this week at the University of Colorado at Boulder, over Max Karson's "War on Asians" column: CU-Boulder students rally against hate. Around 250 people turned out for the event, intended to send the message to CU administrators that minority students have a voice, and will not tolerate hate speech (even if disguised as "satire"). Amen to that.

There was also an open forum between student leaders and school administrators that was reportedly optimistic and productive, according one attendee: Student leaders want 'Campus Press' editor, adviser out. (Thanks, Joe.) Meanwhile, Max Karson has been suspended from the Campus Press staff: Campus Press suspends Max Karson. More here: Student Suspended From CU Newspaper Over Column On Asians. See ya, sucka.

Also, here's a great piece at Inside Higher Ed, written in reaction to this and other recent negative events towards Asian American college students: Satire as Racial Backlash Against Asian Americans. It's a really good analysis of the aggression and hostility directed often underlying these "satire" efforts, directed at Asian American students.

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