rat recipes in asianweek

I don't regularly read AsianWeek anymore. After the whole Kenneth Eng debacle last year, I seriously doubted the editorial credibility of a publication, claiming to be "The Voice of Asian America," that would allow such utter crap to see print. So I just stopped reading it. And I really don't regret that decision, especially after seeing an article like this: Rat a la Carte. It's a basically a list of rat recipes. Yes, instructing people how to prepare and eat rats. Presumably in honor of the Year of the Rat? Whatever the case, it's ridiculous.

I know the article isn't supposed to be a big deal, and was simply compiled from recipes found on Google, but was this exercise really necessary? Asians are already fighting the stereotype that we're dirty, unsanitary, and willing to eat any old dirty creature that wanders into our kitchens. The rat stereotype has been around for years. Why help it along? (Thanks, Jake.)

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