"real cool f--king asian"

This news is several weeks old, but it's still important to post... Last month, Washington State University senior Kyle Descher was viciously attacked at a bar, suffering a severely broken jaw and possible permanent facial nerve damage: A savage blow, fueled by hate, and no one steps forward. Just minutes before it happened, a group of guys passed by Descher, who is Korean, on the way into the bar and muttered, "Real cool fucking Asian." Yeah. To him. A few minutes later, Descher was on the floor, knocked unconscious, jaw broken in two places and bleeding badly from the mouth:
On the way in the door minutes earlier, the former Hoquiam High School student-body president and his roommate had encountered three guys -- two white, one black. As they passed, one of them declared, "Real cool f***ing Asian."

Descher turned and asked if he'd heard it right.

The slur was repeated.

Descher said, "Whatever, man. Have a nice life."

The three followed Descher and his roommate into the bar.

A few minutes later, in a flash, someone behind him unleashed a savage blow that broke his jaw in two places and knocked him to the floor, unconscious and bleeding badly from the mouth.

The Pullman police arrived hard on the heels of the paramedics, but they could find no one who saw the assailant -- or at least who would say they saw the assailant.
That last part is what stuns me. This guy gets sucker punched at a crowded bar and no one saw the coward who did it? No, no one was willing to say they saw who did it. It's absolutely ridiculous. There's got to be someone out there who saw this happen.

WSU recently hosted a forum to discuss the incident and its implication for the community: University to host safety forum discussing student attack, racism. The police have assigned detectives to the case, but it's being classified as a simple assault, with apparently "no concrete evidence" linking the racial comments to Descher's broken jaw. This was a hate crime, plain and simple. And the guy who did it is out there, free to attack other "fucking Asians." Is that right? That's racist!

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