the return of lost

Spoiler warning: I'm going to talk about the TV show Lost, including tonight's episode. Yes, I saw last week's season premiere of Lost, and yes, it was awesome. The wait was worth it. As usual, we didn't get to see too much of Sun and Jin, and Sayid didn't get a whole lot to say either, but it was definitely great to have the whole gang back. (RIP, Charlie.) The episode opened up a whole new crazy direction for the show, throwing another dozen mysteries out there for us to wrap our heads around. We have entered the era of flash-forwards, and it's pretty damn ingenious.

I actually got an early look at tonight's episode, and it introduces a bunch of new characters—members of the team who have come to "rescue" the castaways... or maybe not. The new characters include Miles Strom ("maelstrom"?), played by Ken Leung, who appears to have some very interesting skills. I've been looking forward to seeing him on the show for months, and he does a great job. Tonight's episode, "Confirmed Dead," delves into a bit of the backstories of the new arrivals. It's the beginning of the end, my friends. I love this show.

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