the right to roast

This story has apparently been making headlines in Illinois... In the city of Wheeling, 55-year-old Amante Enad was cited for getting his roasting pigs—getting his lechon on—which he donates to his church festival. He was ticketed earlier this month after appearing in a January 25 Chicago Tribune article about Filipino Americans who roast lechon, a cultural and culinary tradition, even during winter. Okay, no big deal, right? That's a fun story. But apparently, the town of Wheeling wasn't down with it...

Shortly after the article, officials from Wheeling's Community Development Department issued Enad a ticket for two violations of the village code: No barbecue is safe.. Why they gotta get in the way of a man's pig roasting? But wait. Since news of the citation got out, a libertarian group, the Philippines Consulate General in Chicago and the American Civil Liberties Union in Illinois have taken an interest in his case: Pig roaster's citations from Wheeling have Filipino consulate, ACLU, libertarians crying foul. Let the man roast!

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