sneaky chinese spies among us

Oh please. Stop with the fear-mongering. The CNN report from last week suggest that Chinese espionage operations within the U.S. maybe "much more extensive than perviously thought." That's right. Hordes of sneaky Chinese spies among us: Chinese spies in the US. Engineers in the office, teachers at your school, tourists at Disneyland, cooks at the Chinese restaurant... all here in America to steal your secrets. Fear them.

Except for, you know, the millions and millions of regular law-abiding folks of Chinese origin living in the United States. (Thanks, Brenda.)

UPDATE: Well, then again, I guess there are these guys: Analyst, Ex-engineer charged in spy case. A Defense Department analyst and a former engineer for Boeing Co. were charged Monday in separate spy cases for allegedly handing over military secrets to the Chinese government, according to the Justice Department. The two cases apparently have no connection, and it's just a coincidence that charges would be brought against both on the same day. Wait... real Chinese spies among us?

But hey, I guess China ain't the only country sending spies abroad: U.S. Diplomat Recalled After 'Spying' Allegations in Bolivia. ABC News reports that a U.S. diplomat asked a Fulbright Scholar and Peace Corps volunteers to "spy" on Cubans and Venezuelans in Bolivia. It happens.

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