still no satisfactory answers in police shooting

I first heard about this incident over a month ago, but it seems that the situation still hasn't gotten a proper resolution, or any satisfactory answers... On New Year's Eve, police in La Habra, CA shot and killed Michael Cho in a strip mall parking lot when he allegedly threatened officers with a tire iron. The killing has set off a great deal of criticism and controversy from community leaders who say police were too quick on the trigger when responding to a simple vandalism call: Deadly police shooting in O.C. angers Korean Americans.

The story of the shooting has been closely followed in the Korean-language media, gaining widespread scrutiny within the community, and putting pressure on the police to provide some answers about what happened, and why. Cho's family has reportedly hired attorney Mark Geragos' firm to represent them in a possible lawsuit against police. In addition, the Korean Community Lawyers' Assocation has assigned an attorney and hired an investigator to conduct a separate probe. Hopefully, legal action will lead to answers that authorities haven't provided.

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