tonight: candlelight vigil for mike cho

There will be vigil this evening at UCLA on behalf of Mike Cho, who was shot and killed by La Habra police on New Year's Eve. Despite protests and calls for a thorough investigation into the shooting from his family, friends and concerned community members, police have yet to provide satisfactory answers about Michael's death. Justice For Mike Cho, unwilling to sit back idly and accept this situation, are calling on the community to come out tonight, 7:00-10:00pm, to show your support for this movement. Here are the details:
PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES TO READ THIS!! This could have been your brother or friend!!!

Justice for Mike Cho and UCLA's Korean American Students Association, Queer Alliance, and Asian Pacific Coalition are hosting a UCLA campus vigil for Michael S. Cho Thursday, February 28th, 7-10pm at the UCLA Bruin Plaza. Everybody is welcome to bring instruments to play along with the crowd. If you knew Mike or work with a civil rights organizations and would like to speak at the event, please contact justiceformikecho@gmail.com Please invite all friends to this event.

***How Mike was Shot and Killed***
Michael was leaving a liquor store at approximately 2pm when police officers confronted him with their guns drawn, suspecting him of vandalism. Michael, born with a lifelong leg disability, attempted to leave the scene peacefully. He was shot at least 10 times. The policemen justified the shooting by claiming that he was holding a tire iron in his left hand and made a "motion to attack".

***Who is Mike Cho***
He was a UCLA alumnus who studied the arts. He expressed himself through music, sculpture, drawing and ceramics, which became his passion. In 2005, after graduating from UCLA, Cho went to South Korea to study traditional Korean ceramic art. He was also active in his church, where he taught art to disabled children. Cho planned to apply to Yale University's master's program in art and become a college professor.
Here's a news story on the shooting and its impact on the community: Gone In 41 Seconds -- Police Quick to Kill Korean Artist. Here's an online petition calling for a more thorough investigaition of Michael's death: Justice For Mike Cho. If you're on Facebook, join the group: Stop Police Brutality - Remember Michael Cho. And for all the latest updates and information on the case, go to justiceformikecho.com.

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