what the hell?

The above photo popped up on TMZ.com the other day: Lil' Kim Goes Asian -- and Dim Sum. It's really freaky. I don't know if that's really Lil' Kim (if so, plastic surgery and mental health has seriously failed her) or someone who's just the bad Asian look-alike version of her, but the worst part is really TMZ's commentary:
"For the love of Bai Ling, somebody call Dr. Jan Adams! Lil' Kim's face (left) is a completely different race than the rest of her body. Paging the Joy Luck Club! ...Lil' Kimchee almost got people to forget about her Rainbow Brite ensemblemess of an outfit -- by debuting her new Kabuki face. She's gone too far this time -- Far East! Sayonara!"
Wow, someone thinks they're being clever. How many stereotypical references can you cram into one photo caption? It's just lazy. That's racist!

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