america's best dance crew: week five

More great performances from Kaba Modern and JabbaWockeeZ. This week, the crews had to dance to tracks from Michael Jackson's historic Thriller album. Unfortunately, Sadly, Fysh n Chicks got eliminated, so that's the last we'll see of Taeko. Boo. I am definitely not diggin' BreakSk8, who should've been eliminated a long time ago. I won't be surprised if it becomes a showdown between Kaba and Jabba in the end.

Kaba Modern, dancing to a megamix of "Thriller." Totally tearing it up again. Seriously, how can you not like these kids? To vote for Kaba, call 1-877-752-7393, or text 3 to 23882.

JabbaWockeeZ, performing to "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)." Once again, absolutely brilliant. These guys are so smooth. To vote for Jabba, call 1-877-752-7392 or text 2 to 23882. The competition is getting fierce!

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