Chinese Laundry's headless, naked tattooed woman's body

So there's this is an ad in Providence Monthly for a new "fusion" restaurant called Chinese Laundry in Rhode Island. Click here to see it. I think it pretty much speaks for itself. Definitely something to get your Asian fetish on. It's such a perfect example of racist, sexist objectification in advertising. And then you call the restaurant "Chinese Laundry," to top it all off.

Please tell me the wait staff wears coolie hats, because that would be so fabulous.

Really, what does a headless, naked, tattooed woman have anything to do with Asian food? It's ridiculous. Then again, the ad seems to suggest that if I dine at this restaurant, I will get to see actual Asian nudity. It's blatant exoticization. Come and get it.

Ooh, it's so exotic and new and different. It's even more insulting considering the history behind this particular restaurant. In the space where the restaurant now stands, there used to be an actual Chinese-owned laundry shop, Sam Sing Laundry. But the building was sold, and the family that ran the laundry, the Lais, were evicted in 2002, closing the doors on a significant part of Chinese American history in the area: The Last Word.

Enter the Chow Fun Group, appropriating the Chinese laundry concept and turning it into an oh-so-clever restaurant theme. And employing racist, sexist advertising. I wouldn't call myself a prude, but I'm surprised this ad even got published.

Jenn has a couple of good postings on the ad over at Reappropriate.

If this image disturbs and angers you, and you'd like to voice your disgust to the appropriate people, contact the "Maestro" of Chow Fun Food Group, John Elkhay:

John Elkhay
Chow Fun Food Group
201 Wayland Square
Providence, RI 02906

Also consider writing to the Providence Monthly, who published the ad:

Providence Monthly
167 Valley Street
Providence RI 02909
Phone 401.521.0023 /// Fax 401.521.0024

Give 'em hell. Hopefully they'll get the message that this is not an appropriate way to sell "Asian" food. Hell, it's not an appropriate way to sell anything. That's racist! (Thanks, Wen.)

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