city council to vote on street name

Another update on the controversy over renaming San Jose's Vietnamese district... After months and months of widespread protests, bitter accusations, and even a hunger strike, the city council is set to vote again Tuesday night on what to call the area. This, just days after more than 2,500 people converged at San Jose City Hall for a massive protest demanding the city name the retail area on Story Road "Little Saigon": 2,500 voices call for 'Little Saigon'

Back in November, the council apprpoved "Saigon Business District" as the name. To say that the vote did not sit well with members of the community is an understatement. The name prompted an immense backlash, becoming the biggest political issue in San Jose. Thus, a long emotional saga of crazy twists and turns comes to a climax on Tuesday night. All I know is, at this point, if the council votes for anything other than "Little Saigon," they might just see one serious full-scale riot on their hands...

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