donnie yen talks about flash point

Rotten Tomatoes has a pretty decent interview with Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen, whose movie Flash Point recently hit U.S. theaters in limited release: Ten Questions with Flash Point Star Donnie Yen. I haven't seen it, but it supposed to have some rather brilliant action choregraphy—one of Donnie's trademarks. This one, however, apparently has more of a MMA flavor.

If you're not familiar with Donnie Yen's work, check out his fight scenes with Jet Li in Once Upon a Time in China II and Hero. Also check out his work more recently in the very badass S.P.L. (most unfortunately re-titled Kill Zone in the US). I thought his character in Flash Point, Seargeant Ma, is the same dude he played in S.P.L., but it turns it's a totally different character. Anyway, the U.S. version of Flash Point hits DVD on April 22.

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