the new student body

This is a really interesting Washington Post article on how colleges and universities have been taking steps to address anticipated dramatic changes in the racial and ethnic makeup of the student population. Over the next decade, after years of being overwhelmed with applicants, higher education institutions are expected to recruit from a pool of public high school graduates that will experience:
- A projected national decline of roughly 10 percent or more in non-Hispanic white students, the population that traditionally is most likely to attend four-year colleges.

- A double-digit rise in the proportion of minority students -- especially Hispanics -- who traditionally are less likely to attend college and to obtain loans to fund education.

Despite those obstacles, minority enrollment at undergraduate schools is expected to rise steadily, from 30 percent in 2004 to about 37 percent in 2015, some analysts project.

"The majority will become the minority," said Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, president emeritus and professor of public service at George Washington University. "There will be more Hispanics, more African Americans, more Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Koreans. I anticipate that the most common last name in the freshman class will be Kim."
The way see it, this population shift isn't necessarily positive or negative. It just is. However, there are those who view these kinds of projections as sign of some kind massive P.O.C. invasion. Just take a look at the comments sparked by this article. We're here. We're growing. Get over it.

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