no new chink's in south philly

An update on the Chink's Steaks situation... A few weeks back, we heard that the historic Philadelphia eatery, unfortunately named after a racial slur (the original owner apparently had "chinky" eyes that got him the nickname as a kid), would be opening an additional location in South Philly. It looks like this apparently won't be happening after all. I got the following message from Tsiwen Law, of OCA's Greater Philadelphia Chapter:

Due to lobbying by a new coaliton of community groups, the Philadelphia River Port Authority has informed Joseph Groh that he will not be able to lease the Columbus Blvd site in South Philadelphia. Mr. Groh had put up large signs announcing the imminent opening of his second Chink's Cheeseteak outlet this weekend. Wednesday March 26, 2008, the signs came down. In 2004, a barbershop named "Chinks" in Philadelphia agreed to change its name with assistance from local Asian American groups. The groups paid for the sign replacement and filing amendments in Harrisburg.

So no new Chink's in South Philly, thank goodness. The original location, however, still exists and will continue doing business as usual, racist name and all. I cannot comprehend how a business with a name like this can exist for so long... and no one gives a crap. The fight continues.

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