"oriental people are slowly taking over"

Oh, those Orientals. This week in Toronto, during a council debate over expanding business openings on holidays, Councillor Rob Ford made the claim that—and I quote— "Oriental people are slowly taking over": Ford rebuked for Asian comments. You've got to be kidding me.

This supreme display of ignorance comes from an actual elected official, in a city with one of the largest Asian populations in North America. Stop the fear-mongering, please. That's racist! He went on to describe these so-called Oriental people as workaholics: "Those Oriental people work like dogs... they sleep beside their machinese. They're hard, hard workers." Why, thank you. Is that supposed to be some kind of compliment? You know us, us industrious Oriental folks.

Good Lord, what year are we living in? Is that how it's going to be, Mr. Ford? Do you really want to make us the Other in your town? Damn right, we taking over. And if that makes you uncomfortable, you're living in the wrong city, in the wrong century. Best of luck.

UPDATE: Don't expect a public apology from Ford for his "Oriental people are slowly taking over" remark. The guy is apparently standing by his words—even claiming that they were meant as a compliment to us Orientals: Ford refuses to apologize for Asian comments.

Turns out, Rob Ford actually has an illustrious history of idiotic comments. Here is a sampling of the stupid:
More Ford faux pas

* Rob Ford causes a drunken, expletive-laced disturbance during a Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre in 2006, when he shouted "You right-wing communist

bastards," and "Green party f---ing rules." At first, he lies about it, then he apologizes.

* In a war of words with Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby over a pothole, he calls her "a low-life" and "a waste of skin."

* In 2002, Ford calls Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti a "Gino-boy," a derogatory remark to Italian-Canadians.

* During last year's budget deliberations, Ford opposes bike lanes: "Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks. My heart bleeds when someone gets killed, but it's their own fault."
What a jerk. Again, I have to wonder, how does a guy like this get elected to office in a major North American city? Orientals, you heard the guy. I guess it's time to take over.

UPDATE: Here's contact information Rob Ford's office:

City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite C40
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-397-9255
Fax: 416-397-9238
Community phone: 416-233-6934

Rob Ford
City Councillor

Andrew Pask
Executive Assistant

Olivia Gondek
Administrative Assistant

The Councilor claims his office has received 15 phone calls from the public about this—only one of them negative. He also says he's received 20 emails of support. That sounds like a giant load of crap to me. Seems a few dissenters' voices have slipped somewhere between the cracks. If you feel strongly about this, I don't think it would be a bad idea to let Rob know exactly how you feel about it.

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