police won't pay up for raid damage

This is ridiculous. You remember the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Ichinkhorloo "Iko" Bayarsaikhan last October in Alameda, CA. Police eventually arrested the individual they believe was responsible, but not first without pissing off a lot of members of the lu Mien and larger Asian American communities in the area for the way they handled the case. Some Southeast Asian youth and families said they were unfairly targeted and harrassed during the investigation, with house raids and wrongful arrests...

This includes Leo Saephan, whose son mistakenly arrested in connection with the shooting. He wants the city of Alameda to pay for the three doors the police busted down when they raided his house back in November. But they're apparently not paying a dime: Alameda won't cover cop dama ge, man says.

It seems that police are largely protected from liability when they damage property in the course of duty. State laws protect public employees, including police, from liability "in the execution or enforcement of any law." They're not liable even if it turns out the suspects are innocent. That seems rather unfair. You broke down his doors for a bogus raid. Give the man his money!

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