purse snatchers targeting asian women in san jose

Lately, we seem to be hearing about quite a few rashes of crimes targeting Asian women. The latest news comes from San Jose, where police are trying to stop packs of purse-snatchers who are going after Asian women walking through parking lots: 'Rippers' Target Young Women In South Bay Parking Lots. They've released surveillance video that shows two of the so-called "rippers" in action. In one of the videos, a man walks behind a woman walking through a parking lot and grabs her purse. Another man walking in front of the woman appears to be a part of the scheme and runs ahead after the other snatches the woman's purse. Both men are seen running away in the same direction.

Again, why are these thieves specifically targeting Asian women? Currently, 13 of the 21 cases have reportedly been solved. Investigators have made four arrests so far but the robberies haven't stopped. There could actually be as many as three different groups of people running the scheme, but police are stopping short of calling the groups gangs. The only description they've got to work with is the thieves are young Latino males. Read the news story here, and watch the accompanying video. It's pretty crazy. Please, my Asian sisters, if you live and dwell in that area, stay vigilant and watch your back.

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