rob ford is on the phone

According to this article, Toronto Councillor Rob Ford, who got into some heat for his "Orientals are slowly taking over" remarks last week, has making a lot of phone calls these past few days:
'Oriental' comments dog Ford

Councillor Rob Ford says he has apologized to as many as 20 people who objected to his comments about "Oriental people."

Ford, who is considering running for mayor in 2010, sparked controversy at last week's city council meeting when he made comments which included "these Oriental people work like dogs, they sleep beside their machines."

Called on by Mayor David Miller to apologize on the floor of council, Ford chose to say sorry personally to those who were offended.

Ford said yesterday that he has apologized to "15 to 20" people who contacted him.
The guy's office has apparently been getting bombarded with calls and emails from outraged people all over. I'm sure the Councillor did not anticipate the deluge of complaints of he'd get when he compared "Oriental" people to dogs (he claims it was actually a compliment). So he's been on the phone, personally apologizing to "15 or 20" people who contacted him. I've actually heard from a couple of folks who did indeed speak to the Councillor on the phone. He was apparently apologetic, and blamed ignorance for his comments.

Was it really just 15 to 20 people? Or did he just select his personal favorites? And what about all the people who he initially claimed that contacted him in support of what he said? Did he call them too? Ugh. Please keep in mind that this man wants to run for Mayor of Toronto someday. Personally, I don't think he might've just lost the Oriental vote.

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