steve byrne's happy hour on comedy central

Oh yes. Looks like funny man Steve Byrne has got a lot going on right now. This Friday, March 21st starting at 10pm, he'll be hosting Friday Night Stand Up on Comedy Central, where he'll be doing a bunch of sketches to promote his upcoming one-hour special. Then next Friday, March 28th, they'll be re-airing his previous half-hour special, Comedy Central Presents Steve Byrne. Got that? All this rewind is leading up to Steve's all-new one-hour comedy special, Steve Byrne's Happy Hour, airing Saturday, March 29th at 11pm. Set your TiVos, friends.

If you miss Happy Hour, or enjoy it so much you wanna watch it over and over again, it'll be available on DVD shortly after, on April 1. Just $9.99 over at Amazon.com. I'm told it's the uncensored version, with 30 minutes of extra material that didn't make it on TV. He's a funny dude, so don't miss out.

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